Jorgelina Gutiérrez Angonese

Ph.D. in Biology

Founder of SCIENCEdotCOM

About me

My professional profile

I have a PhD in Biology specialising in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), satellite image processing and spatial analysis applied to environmental studies and socio-ecological land-use planning. I have participated in several research projects on land use mapping, urbanisation and forest dynamics, invasive species mapping and ecosystem services, both in Latin America and Spain.

Currently I have specialised in the use of digital marketing and visual communication tools and strategies for the dissemination of scientific knowledge and effective data visualisation, promoting greater accessibility and understanding of scientific knowledge.


I'm interested in
Scientific Illustration
Visual Thinking
Data Visualization
Scientific Communication
Web design
Cartography & GIS
Forest Dinamycs
Nature-Society Relationships
Remote Sensing
Landscape Ecology
Land use


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Madrid, Spain